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Mowafer Care is a platform to offer huge discounts on healthcare services electronically and on-the-ground through the application of the advanced CARE provider and also through Mowafer Care card.

We provide the service through the electronic booking of medical service providers from hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc., which facilitates easy communication and quick access at the fastest time, less effort and less costs to the nearest and most suitable medical service providers.

We provide excellent medical services at the lowest possible prices through the largest medical network covering all cities and governorates.

With CARE’s application, we provide the smartest application to streamline their services with ease, save steps, save time, effort and money and increase the number of visitors to their facilities.


We are working to provide the best medical services at the cheapest prices in Egypt and soon in the rest of the Middle East.

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Getting some struggle trying to make it work? Our professionals will be happy to help and guide you through the installation, setup and working processes. Just drop a line on our support forum and we will get back to you in no time.

Mowafer Care